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Bud is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 5?

Sex: Male

Breed: St Bernard/ collie ?

Size: large

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Nov 19 2020


Bud is, in many ways, the best dog we've ever met. We've been caring for him for 3 months and he's ready for his forever home. He is loving, loyal, well-mannered and gentle. Bud has no desire to wander-just wants to be with his family. He is totally reliable left on his own at home and doesn't get into trouble. The worst he'll do is get on the couch! He doesn't dig or chew. He doesn't bark much-just a few when a stranger arrives. Bud loves walks and deserves at least one big one every day. He has great stamina for exercise and will lay around patiently at home waiting till someone can take him out. He seems to have limited exposure to other animals but I have no concerns about our cats, bunny or chickens around him. He will be tempted to chase if a cat runs by. He is interested in these animals but is now at a point where he will turn away and yawn if the bunny is in the room. He cares a lot about what is wanted from him so is easily corrected. We have been most walking him on leash and he does pull but has improved. His recall needs work, too. He learns easily and likes treats and belly rubs.

Occasionally Bud can be apprehensive of other dogs and that can sometimes look like, growling with his hair standing up. He needs a confident and calm person to help him interact with other dogs, intentionally and systematically. I really believe that he can learn to be chill around other dogs based on his gentleness, his desire to be a good boy. He's not interested in hurting anyone. This behavior seems to be more about fear and uncertainty. It's not hard to get him to continue walking on leash past another dog that's contained-he's not trying to go after anyone. But, the growling happens when other dogs are not contained and coming at him (which happens a lot where we live). He will watch dogs walk down the road at the end of our driveway and have no interest in going near them.

Here's what would make him most happy:
-an owner or family who are around a lot
-ability to be indoors our out, wherever his people are (he would not be a good livestock guardian dog or bear dog)
-a good hike every day or multiple shorter walks every day
-a confident owner willing to spend time intentionally introducing him to other dogs in a controlled way with plenty of treats and praise

Location: Kaslo

Contact Name: Barb

Contact Email: cyr353@telus.net