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Age: 3 years

Sex: Male

Breed: dsh tabby

Size: medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Charlie's KAAP ID Number: 2167

Listed on: Dec 24 2020

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** No other cats/dogs, no small kids, and no outside please, unless it's a catio, as he had more than enough being outside on his own before coming to us**

Hi my name is Charlie and I am a very sweet, affectionate, funny little guy. Before coming to KAAP, I spent way too much time outside on my own and didn't really feel too loved. But I have been in foster care for 8 months now and have learned a lot. I am a kitty with many sides to my personality; I can be very snuggly, and will lay on your tummy or chest and stare into your eyes, but you will need to pet me and rub the bridge of my nose or I may continuously butt my head against your hand. When I am calm I can even fall asleep on you. I am also very feisty and spunky. I have been learning how to play… I love my ribbon and ball, running up and down the stairs, sliding around the corners on the slippery floor and playing hide and seek. But because I haven’t spent much time doing these fun things, I sometimes forget the that hands and feet aren’t play things and am learning to be gentle. I can be chatty at dinner time too, so I'll encourage you to hurry up hee hee. I have my moods just like everyone else and sometimes I just want to do my own thing and not be cuddled or picked up. When I feel like that I am told that I shouldn’t nip or swat, but I am learning that too. My foster family says I am getting so much better at that, but I’m young and I forget. It’s taken some time to trust my foster family, and I will need my forever family to understand and be very patient while I learn to trust them and continue to learn best behaviour. Here is what I really need: a home with no children and no other pets. I need to be the one and only and I think I'll grow into the best ever kitty. There is a cat in my foster home and we can’t be together, I just get very anxious and irritated. So if you’re okay with me and only me that would be awesome! I also need to be an inside kitty. I do love the catio in my foster home, but I don't want to be stuck outside alone ever again! I don’t scratch or meow to go outside and am content to sit and the window and watch the world go by.

I came into KAAP with some pretty bad tummy issues, but the doctors and my foster mom worked hard to make me feel better. I'd probably do best if I could stay on the food that's for sensitive tummies. It's not that expensive, and I'm worth it because I'm so much happier when my tummy feels good. My foster mom can show you what it is. My foster mom calls me her " spunky, curious little love", and she’s always laughing at something silly or funny I am doing. Pretty cute hey? Give me a chance at a happy forever life and you won't regret it, even after a rough life before KAAP, I'm a really adorable guy!


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Location: Nelson

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca