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Diva and Jazz

Diva and Jazz is still available


Private Adoption


Age: 13 years

Sex: Females and Males

Breed: Long hair ginger and long hair calico

Size: medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Oct 22 2019


I have 2 lovely long hair cats in need of a loving home or homes as their human has died recently. Unfortunately, I live in Australia and family are unable to care for them. They are terrific mousers, indoor-outdoor cats, affectionate but not demanding. They are in good health and have always had vet care and are spayed. Diva is a gorgeous mainly dark calico and shy until she is used to you. Jazz is a ginger and loving, content to sit at your feet or on a lap as you prefer. They are used to living with dogs. I am leaving the country the 9th of November and hope to see them re-homed before then.

Location: Fruitvale British Columbia

Diva reclining Diva and Jazz as kittens

Contact Name: Shannon Anima

Contact Phone Number: 250 367 6230

Contact Email: shannonanima@gmail.com