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Jazzy is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 4

Sex: Female

Breed: Rottweiler/ pittbull

Size: large

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Apr 27 2019


Jazzy is a sweet loveable dog, she is good with children (I own a small daycare and have 2 kids of my own). she is eager to please and loves to swim and play fetch. I adopted Jazzy two years ago and she is amazing with my other dog and wonderful when I walk her off leash away from other dogs etc. She is hard to walk on leash and has trouble meeting other dogs on leash. She is in need of more leash training and unfortunately I am unable to provide this with my crazy busy life. I hate to see my very sweet girl go but am faithful she could be just as loved by another family.
I cant upload photos from my computer but I do have several

Location: Balfour BC

Contact Name: Melissa Gerow

Contact Phone Number: 250-229-5385 or 250-777-1601

Contact Email: schooloflittlefishdaycare@gmail.com