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Jesse and James

Jesse and James is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 4

Sex: Male

Breed: Dacshund

Size: 20 lbs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Sep 4 2018


2 male dachshunds up for adoption. Ones a piebald and the other is dapple. Not willing to separate as they have been together since birth. Both are very active and heathly. Fair weather dogs. They love walks and love to be outside. They do bark when someone comes to the door. The one dapple has nipped at children. He's been around children for the last 3 years so he's use to them but I still monitor him closely when children are present. Accidents still happen periodically. I would recommend kennel for when dogs are left in house and at night when sleeping. Jesse the dapple becomes quite attached to his caregiver. James is a bit more independent. Both dogs make very good lap dogs.

Location: Nelson

Contact Name: Brittany

Contact Phone Number: 2503295848

Contact Email: Brittany_boyer@hotmaill.com