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Kraham is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 9 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Mixed Breed Cambodian

Size: Medium 60 lbs, 22"

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Sep 3 2018


Kraham is a rescue from Cambodia. I am originally from Vancouver, but now live in Cambodia and do some animal rescue work there- which includes outreach at my local pagoda. Cambodia is a Buddhist country- so most do not believe in euthanasiazation, or sterilization. Therefore, unwanted animals are discarded at the pagodas for monks to look after. This is what happened to Kraham's mom. After 9 months of assisting with her care there, I brought her and her remaining 6 week old puppy to my home. I did this so she could be sterilized, and to adopt the puppy eventually here in Canada with the hopes of providing him with a long, healthy, and happy life. His chance of survival if staying in Cambodia would have been slim. I had 2 families lined up before we arrived, but he did not suit one on trial, and the timing has not worked out with the other. Unfortunately, now I must return to Cambodia for work, so need to find Kraham a good forever home asap.

Kraham is now 9 months old. He is an active puppy, who loves to run, and go for long walks. He would suit a home or family that has a large backyard, or acreage for him to run on, and older children as he tends to get excited and jump up still. He was raised with other dogs, so plays well with them, albeit sometimes abit rough. He is food aggressive, and can be toy possessive. He is fully house trained, and is used to being outside in a yard during spring/summer, but prefers to be with his human- especially at night- as he now sleeps on the bed.

He comes fully vaccinated (until February), microchipped, and neutered- and is very healthy. (All paperwork provided). I would love to recoup his travel costs ($400) from whoever adopts him- in part to secure the commitment of adopting him.

He is a playful, energetic puppy who deserves a loving forever home. He loves attention and affection, and especially his tummy being scratched! He also likes to play 'Hide & Seek' and loves being chased. He is currently teething, so requires some supervision (he loves to rip at things especially), but is very clever and understands commands, and learns quickly. He could also potentially make a good hunting or retrieving dog, as he is great to sniff and track squirrels, chipmunks, moles, gophers, and deer while staying at grandma's.

Location: Rock Creek

Contact Name: Joss McDonald

Contact Phone Number: 236-998-8256

Contact Email: jossmcdonald@hotmail.com