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Age: Born Feb 19 2011

Sex: Male

Breed: Shepherd/Husky Cross

Size: large

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Krishna's KAAP ID Number: 2049

Listed on: Oct 20 2019

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Krishna's guardian died and his family asked KAAP to find a great home for this well loved senior boy.    Krish is a really nice, calm dog.   Things he loves:  car rides, walks, naps, his ball ( or a big stick!), being with his person, back scratches, laying his head on your lap ( so cute) more naps, more car rides... you get the picture.  He sometimes acts like a big goofy puppy and that is really cute.     He walks nicely on a harness and is happy with a leisurely walk for an hour or so.   He has pretty good recall, because he wants to be close to you all the time, although we have heard he may chase after the wild turkeys.   He's been wearing a harness while in foster to not risk losing him.

Krisha's guardian was an older gentleman, so he would LOVE to live with another retired couple or man.  He went everywhere with his guardian, so he's not fond of being left behind.  He isn't destructive, and is fine on his own for bits of time, but he really needs someone that can spend most of their time with him.  He isn't keen on being left outside in a yard alone, he will try and get to wherever his people are. He loves all people, he's a very social boy. 

He has been good with the 2 large (female) dogs in his foster home, but he can be somewhat jealous and wants to be the center of attention as he's used to, so being an only dog is high on his preference list, or with a calm, balanced dog.   He has lived with a cat in the past,  but in his foster home he has shown a bit of a tendency to chase them if they move fast so it'd be easier if you either have a confident cat that will ignore him, or no cats.  

He has some allergies, which can flare up mostly in the summer, so he has some patchy dark skin in his groin and neck area.  It has been managed well over his lifetime with the odd round of meds if needed.  He's also on Meloxicam for minor arthritis in his hind end which is not very expensive.   He's in very good shape for a senior dog.   His foster mom is happy to answer any other questions that come up!

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Location: Casltegar/pass creek

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Phone Number: 250-551-1053

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca