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Lukas is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 2

Sex: Male

Breed: Mix (maybe Pyrador) - Great Pyrenees, Lab, Central Asian Sheppard

Size: large - huge

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Nov 25 2019


with heavy hearts, we realized we have to find a better home for Lukas.
we have so much love for this dog, but sadly our 1.2 acre property is just not enough. We have been trying for three months and it's just not the best fit for Lukas or our family. We rescued him ourselves thinking we would have enough for him (over acre yard, fenced, one pig). without getting too much into it here are his

-acreage - like ideally over 10 acres
-jobs to do - wildlife to keep at bay, bears, crows, cougars to bark at
-sturdy ROBUST fence - ideally over 6 feet
-still lots of love - this is an emotional guy

-other dogs - likes companions and gets along, however could also be a one dog
-likes toys

other details
-neutered (3 weeks ago)
-some food aggression - i.e. water dish with unfamiliar dogs - has warmed up to our family cat and can let her drink from his bowl
-good as to what we can see with kids - still quite puppyish and not knowing his own strength, has knocked people over by running into them
-still likes to jump up - working on it
-has been trained recently to sleep inside at night, but was used to being outdoors at night before
-has been working on leash training, still pulling but learning to rake it in
-recall has been a focus of training, and seems to be getting it
-unknown - his ability to protect other livestock like chickens, goats without injuring them. We have a pig that he tries to roughly play with, but the pig can handle it

dream scenario is a 10+ acre property, all fenced (6 feet) and you have wildlife around you would like to keep away from property. You are mostly home and out in the property with him. make a nice bed inside or on the deck for him and give him lots of love.

we are looking for the right home and will wait until the right fit for him comes along.

pls email for any questions/interest and please describe your set-up and what you are looking for.

Location: Castlegar

Contact Name: Reidun Squires

Contact Email: reidun.squires@gmail.com