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Meow is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 11

Sex: Female

Breed: Long haired, Unknown

Size: Small

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Dec 1 2017


We are super sad to want to have to rehome our old girl. We got her over a year ago from an old friend of mine, so she hasn't been with us long. She has only been with one person her whole 10 years in a small place, so it took her quiet a long time to adjust to her bigger home with 2 of us. She prefers men as she was raised by one for 10 years, so it takes her a long time to adjust to woman. However, if you give her her space, she will become the most loving cat you will ever know. We got a kitten over a year ago that helped her adjust a little, but it didn't work out in the long run. Now they both don't get along, and I wasn't able to rehome our other cat, as he was a bit of a trouble maker then. He's calmed down a lot, but I would like to try and keep him, if I can preferably find one person who would love to have one cat. If I can't find a home for meow, I will be rehoming my other cat, as I can't watch Meow suffer anymore from being around another cat. She has lost a lot of weight and doesn't socialize as much as she used to because of the other cat. She is a long haired girl, so she needs grooming, which is easy when she grows comfortable with you. She loves to get brushed. If she gets matted, just use scissors to cut them out. She will not sit still for long to clip her. She is named meow from her old owner, so she does respond and know the name well. She is super easy going, super cuddly and loving. However, I will not be giving her to just anyone. I will only give her to the perfect home, as I will not stand for her suffering. She will only be okay with one or 2 people. Preferably a small home. She would do great with a senior or senior couple, as they are quiet and patient. She does not like being around other animals, she can handle other cats and dogs, but does not like them. Moving is hard on her, so I would prefer no other animals in the new home she's going so she adjusts better. I prefer to have her go to a man, or at least have a man in the household so she can grow comfortable quicker. Trust me, it does make a huge difference! I will not accept her to a home with children, or other animals, so please, serious inquires only. I want to make this transition as easy as it can be for her.

Location: Nelson, BC

Contact Name: Christina

Contact Phone Number: (250)505-5989 or (250)777-3840

Contact Email: Chrismariejohnson@hotmail.com