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Meow is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 13

Sex: Female

Breed: Grey/ Long haired

Size: Small

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Nov 4 2019


I've had Meow for a few years now. She was abandoned by her owner of 10 years and it took her months to open up to my place and family. She had lived with one person all her life, so she is best with just one person, or a quiet couple; in fact an elderly couple would be beyond perfect for her. We have struggled off and on with Meow because of our growing family, which just upsets her more and more. She is the biggest cuddler in the world, and loves one on one attention. She needs a loving home that is quiet and free of other animals and children. She prefers quiet, but will open up best to a male companion, as her first owner was a man. I have tried for years to make the best life for this girl after being given up by her one true love, but it's been more hard on her than not, and I just can't watch her struggle anymore. I will even give her away with her favorite blanket and large cat tree to ensure she has something familiar in her new home.

Location: Nelson

Majestic. "Let me sleep human" She fits, and always sits lol. Biggest snuggles ever.

Contact Name: Christina

Contact Phone Number: 2507774065

Contact Email: ChrisMarieJohnson@hotmail.com