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Mister is still available

Polydactyl Male Maine Coon mix

Private Adoption


Age: 6

Sex: Male

Breed: MaineCoon Polydactyl

Size: 5 KG

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Jul 21 2020


This is my boy Mister. He is quite the unique, smart sweet loving boy. I have had him since he was 9 months old as a rescue. about a year later I decided to foster a female cat in order for him to have a play mate. SOme company when I am not around which is rarely but also because I have Fibro... I wanted him to have the company for when I wasn't able to find the energy. He was amazing with her.... the first year.... but in that time we had to move 2 times sadly....finding a good place to live that I could afford was challenging. Unfortunately this seemed to trigger problems in Mister. He has a lot of playful energy and loves to show you he is a great "hunter"... by catching a fave toy you wave around for him and proudly trotting off with it....to bring it back and do it all over again.....

He is NOT an outdoor cat. He can and does enjoy going on the leash in a yard safely BUT mainly an indoor cat. Since living at this house, I have come to realize he isn't happy and have tried for over a year to make him happy but.... this home doesn't seem to make him happy and he has also developed Jealousy issues with the Female cat he used to be fine with. He is a one cat show.

He has been acting out with great aggression to her and also inappropriately peeing. He trained himself to pee in the tub.... in his first while with me... and I was ok with it...so let it be... a spray clean and rinse....easy peasy... he uses box for poop.

He loves to be brushed and it is a MUST you keep his nails trimmed for him. As a poly that extra nail can grow back into him and be painful so that must be done frequently...he lets me do this all for him...

I envision him with someone who has a SAFE well enclosed small yard where he can go and catch bugs and explore when ever he wants to SAFELY. I feel this would make a difference for him...he is very affectionate and so smart....he loves to keep you company and vice versa....he can be a talker...he will give the best hugs and kisses ever....he is such a sweet boy and deserves the kind of forever home I can no longer provide. There is no way for me to be able to make a safe outdoor space for him where I am living now and I feel he really needs that....for his quiet enjoyment....

Too much stimulation here and his Jealousy of Sam is not improving no matter what I do....so with a very heavy heart I am searching for a new forever home for him.

Ideally I would love to be kept updated on how he is doing and IF for some reason.... it is not a good fit.... I will take him back...PLEASE do not just put him outside to fend on his own or just give him away....he deserves much better.... he is a very amazing cat and deserves the right space and human for him....and will provide so much love and comfort in return....he is so loving.

I am not doing this lightly...my heart hurts.

Location: West Trail

Contact Name: Debra

Contact Phone Number: 778-378-7838

Contact Email: noteable@gmail.com