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Riggs has been adopted :)

KAAP Adoption


Age: 8 months

Sex: Female

Breed: Stafforshire Terrier

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Riggs's KAAP ID Number: 2162

Listed on: Apr 23 2020


She a sweet and playful 8 month girl and approx. 50 pounds. She is great with people of all ages and loves humans. With her high energy, she might be better suited in a family with bigger kids as she can forget about personal space.  She does very well on a leash and learns new commands quickly. She is very attentive at training and will benefit from more sessions. She loves being a farm girl and to help around the yard especially with picking up sticks. She has been around horses and after few quick sniffs has decided that they are not fun, maybe a bit scary and that it is better to go about her business. She does well with an indoor cat but forgets her manners when the cat is outside. Her enthusiasm to play with other dogs makes her better suited in a family where she is the only dog. She is not aggressive, she is just a relentless player which might get tiring for the lesser fit or quiet dog. She sleeps the night in her comfy bed and can wait until morning to attend to her personal business. She bathes in the pond even when her soft and short coat is impeccable. Riggs has been spayed vaccinated.

Her adoption fee is $250. If you are interested in adopting Riggs, please click the link above to reach the application form. KAAP adoptions include a reference check and home visit to ensure our dogs are going to the very best homes. Due to this, we will be accepting applications from the West Kootenay region only. We reserve the right to select, in our view, the applicant that is the best match; not first come/first served. Everything else being equal, we will always prefer a home with a fully fenced yard.  Completed applications are required to meet Riggs in her foster home.


Please help KAAP care for Riggs and support the work we do by making a donation through canadahelps.org. Donations can be made with any major credit card, interac or via paypal. You will receive a charitable receipt via email. Thank you for your support.
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Location: Winlaw, BC

Contact Name: Medium-Large

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca