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RUSTY is still available

Rusty the Mexican rescue dog

Private Adoption


Age: 5-8 years or so!!

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Dec 9 2019


I first met Rusty in Mexico, on the beach in Chacala. Rusty would seek me out whenever I went down to the beach and follow me. I felt sorry for him as he was in bad shape, being very skinny and suffering from mange. He has an endearing nature, and we soon bonded. I put out a request on the Chacala bulletin board asking for someone to take Rusty in and care for him. Jill and I started communicating about Rusty and she took on the job of helping Rusty, by taking him to the vet to have all his ailments treated, and with time , good food and love, helped Rusty to become a healthy and happy dog that he is today. Two months later , Jill had to leave Chacala to return to the states, and as she was unable to find a home for him, I decided to give him a second chance by bringing I'm over to BC.. and being his foster carer.
Rusty is a very undemanding dog and extremely appreciative of any care given to him. The highlight of his day is being fed, being taken out in the car and going for walks, he also walks very obediently on a leash. On the whole Rusty is very easy , but due to the fact that he was probably abused in his past he does have some special needs. However, with love , ,patience and understanding, Rusty willl be a wonderful loyal companion . Can you give this lovely guy a second chance!!???
Ideally, Rusty would suit someone who lived in a rural situation where he could roam around safely, and preferably without children. Thanks, Nonie

Location: NEW DENVER

Rusty to Mexican rescue sog

Contact Name: Nonie Jackson

Contact Phone Number: 2503587252

Contact Email: Nonierose28@gmail.com