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Simon, Scout, Sid and Suzie

Simon, Scout, Sid and Suzie is still available

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Age: ranging 5 -10 months

Sex: Females and Males

Breed: dsh black

Size: small

Spayed/Neutered: No

Simon, Scout, Sid and Suzie's KAAP ID Number: 2334-2337

Listed on: Apr 3 2021

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These 4 little sweethearts had a really rough start to life, and came to us from a home with far too many cats.  They were not feeling well at all, but have been treated by our vet and are coming along well now, acting like regular, playful, friendly kittens.  They are all very unique, and they are so used to living with other cats that they would love it if their new home had a cat for them to play with.  Or better yet, if they could be adopted with a sibling would make them very happy!   More pictures will be added this week.  They are far too busy playing to sit still and pose for a silly camera!

Suzie Q ( bottom right) - she has had some residual sniffles from the respiratory issues that overcrowding often brings, but she is feeling much better. She may have sniffles in her future so her family would need to be aware of that but it doesn't stop her from being the most outgoing, friendliest little girl you will ever meet! Her raspy little voice gets you in the heart. She is so loving and loves to make sure all your attention is on her, and her only. She has struggled some with getting rid of her upper respiratory symptoms, but she's slowly coming along. Her favourite thing to do is sit on your lap and put her paw on your cheek so that she can be sure all your attention is on her!

Simon ( top left) the biggest of the bunch. Simon is very social and playful. He is not overly cuddly but loves attention. He will cuddle, but it's on his terms, not yours haha  He loves to follow you around and foster mom says he likes to "help with everything.  AKA getting in your way as you try and sweep the floor!. 

Sid ( bottom left).  what can I say about this boy? He may look like a grump, he always does this funny face and ear pose when the camera comes out and makes us laugh, but he loves to have his tummy rubbed. He is a shy boy, but once he figures out you and his surroundings are safe, he comes out of his shell. He is playful and sweet.

Scout (top right) one of the tiniest of the bunch. Scout is a little shy at first, but once she gets her bearings, she is quite social and playful. She loves scratches behind the ears and on her tummy. She too likes to follow her human and 'help" with all the things.

These little gaffers have had their vet check, and will have both sets of shots by the time they are adopted ( boosters are getting done ASAP).  Their adoption fee is $200, and we may consider a slightly reduced price if they get adopted in a pair.   Their adoption fee also includes their spay/neuter and microchips.  


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Location: Casltegar/pass creek

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca