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Age: 6-7 years

Sex: Female

Breed: DLH ginger

Size: medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Venus's KAAP ID Number: 2106

Listed on: Mar 13 2020

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Venus had a very rough time before coming to KAAP.  She has some allergies that weren't tended to which unfortunately have left her needing medication for the rest of her life.  She was in terrible shape and very uncomfortable, and was subsequently surrendered at a vet clinic.   KAAP decided to give her a chance at a wonderful life, so she had a lot of treatment and time spent at the vet, but she's SO much better now, and just gorgeous!

Venus has long gorgeous fur that she loves to have brushed.    She's such a sweet, mellow soul.   She loves to cuddle and likes to follow you around and keep you company.   She is chatty and will carry on a conversation if initiated. She's also entertaining to play with - she likes the stick and string cat toy.    She is very cooperative taking her medication.   She is just really a gentle sweetheart, and will make an amazing companion.    She is not a fan of other cats, so needs to be the queen of her castle.    She has never lived with dogs or small kids either.  

** Venus will need medication for the rest of her life to ensure that her skin doesn't flare up.  She is also on a special, limited diet but she isn't a huge eater so its very manageable.   Right now she's on Prednisone which has been working well for her, the cost is very reasonable.   We would want a potential adopter to meet with the treating vet to get a full understanding of how to keep Venus healthy and happy.    She's SO worth it and she SO deserves a chance to have the rest of her life be comfortable and pain free ***

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Location: Nelson, BC

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca