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Archie is still available

Private Adoption


Age: ~7

Sex: Male

Breed: Mixed--shepherd/mastiff?

Size: Large--80 lbs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Jun 3 2022


My sweet boy, Archie, needs a new home. He is loyal, fairly calm, and quite well trained, but he has some reactivity and aggression issues that I’m not able to manage with my new family living situation. It breaks my heart that my home is no longer the best place for him.

His ideal situation would be with a single person or couple, someplace where he can go on lots of long walks! He’s pretty calm when he’s in a home with a couple of adults, but he has a hard time settling with too much activity (kids, new people) around him.

He is very gentle with and surprisingly tolerant of little kids, but of course needs to be monitored around them. He currently lives with a cat, and they do okay (will sleep on the bed together), but he does bark at her occasionally. He loves playing with puppies. He’s also lived with chickens and has some experience with larger farm animals.

He bonds easily with new human friends who go on adventures with him—he’s a protector and makes sure everyone in the group is accounted for. He stays close by—doesn’t run away or chase wildlife much (never for more than a few metres).

The problems we have faced are with men coming into his territory—he has displayed aggression to some and nipped at a couple. He had a bite incident in a particularly stressful situation. I will detail everything to anyone who might be interested in taking Archie.

Therefore, he needs to be carefully managed around new people, particularly men, in or near his home (he’s been fine meeting them anywhere outside his territory). I keep him on leash when approaching other dogs—he fine with most (sniff and move on), but will be aggressive with mature un-neutered males.

I have recently put him on anti-anxiety medication, which is still in early days but seems to be significantly reducing his reactivity and increasing his ease and happiness.

He was a rescue who came with an unknown background. I have done a lot of training with him, and he responds very well to positive reinforcement. He knows lots of tricks and basic commands, but does have some trouble with boundaries—having strong ones will be important!


- Outdoor adventures: hikes, bikes, skis, camping
- Learning new tricks (he’s quite smart)
- Eating (food must be out of his reach)
- Snuggles and creature comforts (loves a good headrest, fluffy duvet and pillows)
- Most other dogs (or is neutral to, but see dislikes below!)
- Most people, especially women (but see dislikes below!)


- Un-neutered adult male dogs (he is aggressive towards them, though has never injured one—fights break up quickly, but should obviously be avoided)
- Strange men coming into his territory (not always, but sometimes)
- Being separated from his human (he is totally fine to stay at home alone all day, but hates being confined in another room when there’s activity in the house)

This is my attempt at a balanced and honest description—he is a super sweet, loyal, and loving companion (and excellent adventure buddy), but has some real issues that need to be managed—totally possible in the right situation.

Please contact me with any questions and/or to arrange a visit. I’m hopefully that Archie can find a wonderful new home!

Location: Nelson

Contact Name: Andrea

Contact Phone Number: 250-777-7586

Contact Email: andrea.maxie@gmail.com