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Ash is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 14 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Australian Heeler

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Apr 11 2022


Ash is a wonderful, affectionate, playful boy. He is keen to please and learns very fast. Ash has gone through a full year of training with a number of private trainers and schools to learn basic obedience, intermediate obedience and some extra tricks for fun.

Ash loves to be outside and especially loves to run free. Has great recall and never strays too far from his "pack". At home, Ash is relaxed and happy so lie about or chew on his toys. He's very self contained and has no separation anxiety what so ever. He's house trained and crate trained and has no problems staying on his own for prolonged period of time, when needed.

Ash is an energetic and smart dog. He needs a lot of exercise and hard work to feel fulfilled and satisfied. If Ash doesn't get enough exercise, he can get restless and anxious.

Ash gets on well with other dogs but doesn't like overly friendly dogs that only ever want to play with another dog. He is a working dog and enjoys his space and working more than playing with other dogs. Ash is indifferent to other animals and doesn't have hunting instincts, which makes being outdoors easy since he doesn't run off chasing any small prey or pets.

Ash is not very well suited for a household with kids. He has displayed anxious behaviour around kids before and has growled and barked at kids before in his attempt to keep them at a distance. We have a baby on the way and have a difficult time imagining what it will be like for Ash to constantly have to be around something that's a cause of stress and anxiety for Ash. We love Ash but we want to make sure he is always comfortable. Which may mean being in a home with no children.

Running and playing fetch is Ashs absolute favourite. He would be a happy dog to live indoor or outdoor lifestyle. He is a joy to be around and we love him dearly.

Ash would be suitable for a household with no children with an outdoor space for him to enjoy.

Location: Vancouver

Contact Name: Kate

Contact Email: Kate.koteyko@gmail.com