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Baxter is in long term KAAP foster care

Long Term KAAP Foster Care


Age: born June 3/2014

Sex: Male

Breed: Shi Tzu

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Nov 29 2015

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This cute little guy is BAXTER.

Baxter is the product of a back yard breeder. He was created purely for profit, without consideration for his breeding.

Baxter came to KAAP at the age of 9 weeks, when it was realized by the people who purchased him that he had serious health and behavioural issues. He was lethargic and would not eat, and he would bark and act ferocious for no apparent reason. After extensive testing, and an ultrasound, we realized he has shunts, inside his liver, which are not operable.  Baxter will be on medication to try and manage his condition, for his whole life.   

Because Baxter is not adoptable, he will remain in KAAP care for as along as he lives. Right now, he is happy and doing quite well, and he loves his German shepherd and Labrador sisters. KAAP will ensure he has the best quality of life as long as possible.

Want to help dogs like Baxter? Please join the KAAP Rescue Team by donating $5 per month to a fund that will pay for Baxter's medications. Or call KAAP at 250-551-1053, or email contact@kaap.ca.

Please help KAAP care for Baxter and support the work we do by making a donation through canadahelps.org. Donations can be made with any major credit card, interac or via paypal. You will receive a charitable receipt via email. Thank you for your support.
donate to KAAP through canada helps dot org


Location: Castlegar

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca