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Coco is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 5 1/2

Sex: Female

Size: small

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: May 30 2021


Coco is a rescue cat that we got from the SPCA just over 5 years ago. She comes from a hoarder and she was very tiny, almost didn't make it, we had to wait until she was big enough before we could adopt her. She is very affectionate, very sweet, and has an adorable personality. She also has a nervous temperament, she doesn't like when there is a lot of noise, and will often jump off of me for example when I cough or sneeze (although not so much anymore). She does better in a quiet environment. We have an older cat, and she gets along well with her, although they have their moments as well. I've always considered her slightly handicapped as she seems to have an issue with her hip; she'll often sort of trip when walking on different surfaces. I think it comes from poor nutrition when she was tiny.
The reason I need to find a home for her is that I'm moving to Québec in two months. My first idea was to take her with me. Since I'll be driving, my older daughter would have taken her with her on the plane (you can have a cat under your seat if you have a cage that fits, and I thought of giving her some kind of medication to calm her). But I have come to the conclusion that this would not be ideal for her, especially with her temperament. The whole thing would be quite traumatic for her. I also have plans of being in Québec for a year or two and then spend time in Norway, which is a second country to me. My kids are now grown, and I'm needing to have projects of my own now. It saddens me a lot, as I am very attached to this little one. We originally got her a few months after my younger daughter's cat got hit by a car, but I'm the one who's bonded with her since my daughter spends a lot of time away from home.
She would do best with an adult person who is at home a lot. I'm not sure how well she would adapt to another pet at this point. She doesn't like dogs so much, and is not used to them. She got chased a couple of times and that was quite traumatic for her. She goes outside a little bit, just in the little fenced frontward where I live.

Location: Nelson

Contact Name: Caroline

Contact Phone Number: 250-352-6154

Contact Email: caro@netidea.com