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Dewey and Dash

Dewey and Dash is still available

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Age: born approx Apr 13/22

Sex: Male

Breed: dsh stumpy manx ragdoll mix, dlh ragdoll mix

Size: small

Spayed/Neutered: No

Dewey and Dash's KAAP ID Number: 2499 and 2500

Listed on: Aug 2 2022

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**   These beautiful boys were born in a colony of cats that had grown out of control.  They are healthy boys, but due to their previous environment they MAY require extra care should they develop any symptoms of underlying upper respiratory issues.   At this point they have had no symptoms, they just required eye drops when they were tiny.  We're happy to explain this further for the interested person in giving these amazing boys a loving home.  Our vet has also recommended that it would be best if they remained together as opposed to joining families with other cats in the event any symptoms do arise. Several others from the same property have been adopted and are doing just fine :) ***  

We will give preference to a home where these boys can stay together - they are bonded and have been through a lot together.   

Dash is a short haired, stumpy manx.  He has enough of a tail that he has no issues that can come with manx kittens.   He's sweet, sensitive little boy who looks like a bullet when he runs fast, it's pretty cute!  He loves zooming around playing with toys, and he LOVES the crinkly tunnel and will run back and forth through that all day long.   He's a snuggly boy when he's played out, and loves to sleep on top of his foster mom haha!  He has the cutest little chirp he does when he's looking for his brother or when he's excited about a toy he's enjoying. 

Dewey is a gorgeous, long haired boy with fur as soft as you can imagine.   He's a little more outgoing than his brother, and once he feels comfortable with you he will demand lots of attention and snuggles, and he loves to flop on his back and sleep on your lap or your bed with you.    He's quite a character, and he and his brother are fun to watch as they blast through their tunnel chasing each other and wrestling.  

These boys are just so sweet.   They always look grouchy and aren't fans of the camera ( who is, when foster mom has it pointed in your face a million times a day!)  but they aren't grouchy at all, they are really special guys.  

They have been vet checked, dewormed, and they have also had their first vaccinations and booster shots.   Their adoption fees would also include their neuters and microchips in the near future when they are big enough.  

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Location: Casltegar/pass creek

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca