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Fluffy black cat found at 7-Mile looking for owner

Fluffy black cat found at 7-Mile looking for owner is looking for owner



Age: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Breed: Fluffy black cat with yellow eyes

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Unknown

Listed on: Dec 26 2013


This cat has been seen in our neighbourhood (7 mile Nelson) for several weeks. We trapped it because we thought that it could be our friend's cat that went missing several months ago. It isn't. The cat is either feral or very scared (hissing. spitting and clawing). We couldn't take it in the house as we have 2 cats of our own, so we have released it back where it was caught and will make sure there is food for it. The cat is healthy looking and has very long, black fur (Persian looking), not matted at all. Are you missing a cat or do you know someone missing a cat fitting this description?
I can only reiterate that it's fur is long, black and fluffy. It has very yellow eyes. Apologies for the photo, but we couldn't get near to it without upsetting it.

Contact Name: Vicky Issott

Contact Phone Number: 250 825 9611

Contact Email: v.issott@hotmail.com