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Found Cat in Fruitvale

Found Cat in Fruitvale is looking for owner



Age: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Breed: Looks like it is part Persian

Size: Very long body

Spayed/Neutered: Unknown

Listed on: May 7 2016


This cat has been around the neighbourhood for quite awhile. It is in very rough shape, missing most of it's fur on it's back and near it's ear - I suspect from fights with another cat. It is usually seen with an unfixed male tabby. It cries a lot and I'm hoping someone will recognize it. It is in Fruitvale, intersection of N.Kootenay Ave and Cole St. It wanders all day and night, no collar. Very bright yellow eyes. This was the best photo I could get, as it is rather timid.

Contact Name: Leanne

Contact Phone Number: djlb@telus.net

Contact Email: djlb@telus.net