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Found stray kitty in Christina Lake

Found stray kitty in Christina Lake is looking for owner



Age: 1-2?

Sex: Male

Breed: Short haired domestic

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Unknown

Listed on: Aug 18 2019


This very friendly, very vocal young male has been mooching off a number of kind hearted folks for the last few weeks along West Lake Drive. He is housebroken/uses a litter box, uses a scratching post and loves to be fed and petted and played with. He’s a great cat but seems to have been left behind or abandoned. He couldn’t have been gone for very long because he seems in good health. Was unable to book an appointment for the vet to get more info and we are leaving for the coast in s few days. We’re quite desperate to find this poor cat his owners or a new home. Thank you

Location: 1700 block West Lake Drive Christina Lake, BC

Contact Name: Cathy McFadden

Contact Phone Number: 604-612-4227

Contact Email: cathymcfadden.charlton@gmail.com