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Frankie is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 3.5

Sex: Male

Breed: English Mastiff

Size: Huge 200lbs

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: May 12 2022


Frankie is a 3.5 yr old neutered male English Mastiff. He is ~200+ lbs and has a moderate energy level. He is fully house trained and has some basic training, but doesn’t often listen. He walks ok on a leash, but sometimes pulls a little. He can be dog reactive and pull hard in these situations - he is very strong. He has been amazing and loving with our family (including kids). He is a bit aloof and doesn’t mind his own comfy space. He has been good with everyone he has met (all ages) and likes attention when he wants it. He can get playful sometime and loves rolling on is back and flailing around. He gets along with our senior dog and cat and has gotten along with other dogs in the past, but has had issues with others (selective with his dog friends).

He has some food sensitivities and seems to do well on a pork based food. His allergies may cause his skin to get irritated and get a bit stinky so he needs both skin and ear maintenance to deal with this. Neither is his favourite thing, but he puts up with the treatments well.

*He is being rehomed due to dog aggression issues that we are not able to manage. He can be an opportunist and look for ways to ‘escape’ the house/yard. He MUST go to a home willing and able to work with his dog aggression and keep him secured and safe*

Location: Revelstoke

Contact Name: Adrienne

Contact Email: Brier39@hotmail.com