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Frankie and Dexter

Frankie and Dexter is in long term KAAP foster care

Long Term KAAP Foster Care


Age: approx 4-5

Sex: Male

Breed: adult cats

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Feb 15 2018

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donate to KAAP through canada helps dot org


In May 2016, KAAP was asked to help with a terrible hoarding situation where there more than 70 cats.  Unfortunately the home owner had died, and no one noticed for a few months, so all but 9 of the cats perished.   These 9 were at the vet for several months, and then were able to go to forever homes.    Frankie and Dexter were found alive but in terrible shape.   Frankie ( orange boy) had to stay at the vet for more than 4 months, and since he was extremely bonded with Dexter, they stayed there together.   When they were strong enough, they were placed in a foster home with Laurel, where they will remain for their lives so they can keep getting any medical care they need.    They have come a long ways and are learning to play, trust, and have good lives.   

Any donations can be directed to their ongoing care, and we greatly appreciate all of it.    That way we are able to continue to help low income folks spay and neuter their own pets.

Thank you :)

Please help KAAP care for Frankie and Dexter and support the work we do by making a donation through canadahelps.org. Donations can be made with any major credit card, interac or via paypal. You will receive a charitable receipt via email. Thank you for your support.
donate to KAAP through canada helps dot org


Location: Castlegar

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Phone Number: 250-551-1053

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca