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Kiva is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 11

Sex: Female

Breed: Husky lab shepherd mix

Size: Large

Spayed/Neutered: No

Listed on: Jun 14 2022


Born May 5th, 2011, female intact husky lab shepherd mix

Kiva is friendly, sweet, gentle, and quiet. She loves to play fetch with a ball or a stick and will do it until her legs fall off. She especially loves to fetch in the water in the summer! Kiva is calm around kids and cats and loves other dogs. She would be a great dog for a family who is active and can take her for walks and hikes and adventures. Kiva has a backpack that she loves to carry on hikes for you with your water and snacks in it. She may have just turned 11 this year but she still has as much energy as ever.

Kiva is well trained. She knows sit, down (lay down) off (stay off of the couch), leave it, stay, go lay down, go play, fetch, no begging, wait, stay with me, gentle, and shake. She is very well behaved. She doesn’t take food off of tables or counters, and she doesn’t bark. She has also been crate trained but hasn’t used one for a long time. She has travelled across Canada twice once by car and once by plane!

As a husky lab mix, Kiva does shed quite a bit in the spring and fall and needs to be brushed daily at those times. She has been an indoor dog going for daily walks and hikes and bike rides, but she would love a big fenced yard to run around!

Kiva has been my best buddy for 11 years and I wouldn’t give her to a new home except that it 100% necessary now. Contact me if you think she could be your or your family’s best buddy next!

Location: Crescent Valley

Contact Name: Whitney

Contact Phone Number: 250-777-8827

Contact Email: whitneyadnane@gmail.com