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Laverne and Shirley

Laverne and Shirley is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 4 yrs

Sex: Female

Breed: Housecat

Size: medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: May 12 2021


Laverne and Shirley!

Two beautiful well loved smokey coloured beauties. We are heartbroken our new housing won't allow us to keep our pets.

Smoke coloured cats are actually cats whose fur is white with black tips. So they look like black cats, but they are actually white cats!

Laverne is the confident outgoing one. She will accept pets and scratches from anyone and is less bothered by new people or animals.

Shirley is more timid and skittish and takes a while to warm up to new people. But once she does she is the biggest smuggler. Shirley hates loud noises and sudden movements. She is a bit of a fraidy cat.

Both the cats are very independent and are avid mousers. They are guaranteed to clear up any mouse problem you might be having.
They like to spend summers outside and winters inside so they could adapt easily to any kind of living situation but they would probably prefer a home with outdoor space to chase butterflies.

They have been the Princesses of the house and they tend to be suspicious of competition from other pets. So, I do not think they would get on well with dogs or other cats. They could possibly eat your hamster.

Both cats have been spayed and vaccinated and are ready for their next happy adventure!

Location: Nelson

Shirley - sitting pretty Laverne - couldn't care less, she is napping

Contact Name: Lesli Lancaster

Contact Phone Number: 250-551-7791

Contact Email: leslilancaster@shaw.ca