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Mabel, Millie, Mavis, Milton and Murphy

Mabel, Millie, Mavis, Milton and Murphy has been adopted :)

KAAP Adoption


Age: born May 21/22

Sex: Females and Males

Breed: dsh assorted

Size: small

Spayed/Neutered: No

Mabel, Millie, Mavis, Milton and Murphy's KAAP ID Number: 2482-2486

Listed on: Jul 16 2022


** Available for adoption end of July**

These little beauties came into KAAP care with their lovely mom when they were just days old.  They are all very unique, and we hope that potential adopters will meet them all together, and choose the right fit for their family.

They are getting their vet check and vaccination on July 25th, and will also be dewormed prior.   Their adoption fee will also include their spay/neuter and microchip when they are big enough.

MILLIE is the runt of the litter. Tiny but mighty describes her! She takes on her siblings without fear and we are pretty sure she has springs in her legs!. She can be cautious of new sounds and places, she may do best going to her new home with a sibling for this reason. She's not a fan of being picked up and carried around. Millie would also love a house where there are lots of people to love and dote on her. She needs a playmate. Millie loves to be on her back (she has an amazing hourglass shape on her belly) she lays like that to sleep and to be cradled. She has white paws with black toe beans!

** ADOPTED*** Murphy. While he may look sweet ( and he is!!), Murphy can be rough when he plays, and he needs to be kept busy or he will get into trouble!. So a cat friendly climbing area is really beneficial for him. When he is tired he turns in to a huge snuggle bug, he loves to give “kisses” to his foster family. He will often lay on his back cradled in your arms, and will ask for foot massages.

** ADOPTED***Mavis is a future super model, she has the most adorable white eyelashes and three white “buttons” on her belly. She is most attached to her mama, Often following her around and asking for love. she was also the first to purr. Mavis is the most easy going of the kittens, rarely making a sound. She is an old soul, she will sit and observe, however she can also be super playful, she loves boxes to jump in! She's also not a fan of being carried around, but like a lot of kittens is a love bug when it's her idea.

** ADOPTED**  Milton is like his brother in that he has a wild side haha. He can find the tightest spots to sleep and he climbs the highest of all his siblings. He's fairly independant, but would do best with a playmate to keep him busy. He loves to be cuddled and wrapped up in his person's arms.

Mabel is a social, confident kitten, she'll coming running for pets and love. She will sit on your lap and gaze in your face, she loves love. Like all kittens, she needs another furry companion, or someone home a lot. She is the most easy going and doesn't mind being carried.





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Location: Trail

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca