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Mort is still available

Private Adoption


Age: Around 8 months

Sex: Male

Breed: Unknown

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Nov 1 2019


Mort was a cat found out in the Forrest being chased around by other wildlife. I brought him into my home, and have neutered him and gave him all shots to date. He gets along with other cats perfectly, he actually prefers them. When it comes to humans he will run away instantly, and often hides out while they are present. Mort would be much happier at a place where he can hunt and run around as he pleases, with other cats. He loves my other cat and they cuddle and play together quite often, but he is so fearful of humans I feel he would be best/ most comfortable in a barn

Location: Kamloops

Contact Name: Morgan johnson

Contact Phone Number: 2503065244

Contact Email: morgan15243@gmail.com