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Nutmeg (Megan/Megs)

Nutmeg (Megan/Megs) is still available

Private Adoption


Age: Gracefully mature.

Sex: Female

Breed: Unsure on breed but definitely from a Royal bloodline

Size: Curvy

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Jul 7 2022


My name is Nutmeg. I’m a mature female feline who loves to cuddle and get close to larger humans. I can tolerate small children but prefer to keep my distance. My beautiful orange coat is rare in female cats and I flaunt it as such. The outdoors are lovely but I’m a homebody at heart and never stray far from the comforts of a nice home. I’m looking for someone to shower me with chin scratches and back rubs. Other cats really grind my gears, in fact I have zero tolerance for any other felines in my space. I love a good snack and usually prefer to drink running tap water. (I know, I’m a Diva.) I’m fiercely loyal and love those who love me.

Location: South Slocan

Contact Name: Billy

Contact Phone Number: 250 551 8987

Contact Email: billywood87@hotmail.com