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Reese and Dot

Reese and Dot is still available

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Age: born approx May 6 2022

Sex: Females and Males

Breed: dsh orange tabby and black

Size: small

Spayed/Neutered: No

Reese and Dot's KAAP ID Number: 2489 and 2492

Listed on: Aug 19 2022

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These 2 ridiculously cute little brother and sister were rescued from an overpopulated property.   They can be adopted together or separately, preferably to a home with other pets or somewhere they'll get lots and lots of attention and loving :)


Well hello there my name is Reese and I am just over 12 weeks of age. I was rescued with my Mom and siblings when I was only 4 weeks old. I am a fun loving goofy kitten that loves to be around my hoomans! My foster Mama says she laughs so hard sometimes when she hears me calling her from the other room because my voice is so sweet and full of emotion! I love to run all around, jump up and down and be as close to my hoomans as much as possible. Now there is something special about me that you must know; most kittens have a heart that goes Lub Dub, mine is special and goes Lub Dub Dub! It means I have a heart murmur, but the Vet says it’s only a Grade 1/2 which means it’s not really bad and could even go away as I grow up. The doctor said I'm 100% ready to be adopted and have a great life.  So, if you’d love a special little furry bundle of love that will love you to the moon and back…I AM YOUR MAN!


Hi my name is Dot and my brother Reese and I are the only two siblings left in foster because all our brothers and sisters got adopted! I am really excited to start a new adventure in my furever home. I already have all my booster shots, my microchip and I am even spayed already because I had a little hernia that the doctor wanted to fix. It's all better and doesn't affect me one bit. My foster Mom says I am such a lovely girl because I LOVE to play and I love to snuggle too. My foster Mom sure gets a kick out of my silly kitten antics she’ll always chuckling at my silliness. If you think you can give me a loving home I’d love to go home with you!!!! Maybe you could even adopt my brother Reese because we play really well together. You can ask the nice people at KAAP to see video of us playing.

Reese and Dot have been vet checked, vaccinated (twice) and dewormed.  Dot was spayed a bit early due to a little hernia that the vet wanted to fix when she was small.  She's also microchipped.  Reese will be neutered and microchipped when he's big enough, at about 5-6 months of age. 

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Location: Nelson

Contact Name: KAAP

Contact Email: contact@kaap.ca