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Roxy is still available

Mixed mutt medium sized female

Private Adoption


Age: 5

Sex: Female

Breed: Mixed mutt

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: May 26 2021


Roxy is a 5year old spayed mixed mutt. She appears to have some shepherd and maybe a hint of husky or Rottweiler in her( I'm uncertain). She spends her time outdoors. She loves to run and she's a great hiking companion. Running beside the bike really fast is a favorite. She is not leash trained( never had the need as we've rural), but it wouldn't take much to get her there. She is food motivated and loves belly rubs. So much that she drags her belly in the snow whenever she can get a chance. She's great with children, and VERY excited about dogs her size or bigger. She has a strong prey instinct. So smaller creatures are her demise. This is the only reason why we must rehome her. We have cats and ducks and chickens that Roxy tends to antagonize, and she's killed a few birds. Iys nkt something I can train her out of. She's not cut out to be a livestock guardian. So unfortunately I must rehome her. Roxy likes to dig holes in search of little critters too. She's a descent mouser! I've seen her jump up and dive into snow drifts face first just to catch a mouse! She's a sweet girl who needs and active owner with no small animals. She's very used to freedom on our acreage, so a small backyard likely won't work. Roxy was surrendered to us when she was not yet a year. Her previous owners did not treat her well. So she has some issues. She despises water and baths and I can barely touch her paws. She gets over excited when I brush her, so I've learned a chew toy and treats are excellent as she needs breaks to rip around a bit. (She sheds every spring) She's never bite me or anyone that I know of. She loves a good tough and rough game of tug o war, and she acts pretty macho with her teeth and growl for that. She'll play a little fetch here and there, but fast paced running is her fav. Roxy is good at letting us know when we have guests on our property, she has a good bark, and loves to howl when she hears sirens. It's quirky, and makes me laugh. She's a little jumpy, and could use some training so as not to jump. She's healthy, and needs the right match for the next chapter of her life.


Contact Name: Natasha Dawn Mackenzie

Contact Phone Number: +1 02505844964

Contact Email: bekindunwind@yahoo.ca