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Sadie is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 5

Sex: Female

Breed: German Shepard

Size: Small for a shepherd

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Sep 6 2022


It’s been a tough decision to decide to try to find a new home for Sadie. We have raised her and her sister since pups as we got them from the same litter. They have always been in competition with each other and revert to “pack mode” mentality when they are together. When they are apart from each other they act like completely different dogs which is why we have finally decided it would be best for the both of them if they had separate homes. Please call or email for more information as I would be happy to discuss anything and everything about Sadie.
She is a friendly dog, loves belly rubs and ear scratches. She does not bark unless there is an animal or person coming into our yard (we live on 2 acres in Blewett), or if we aren’t home and someone is trying to come into our yard then she can be protective of the property. If we are home and a friend comes over that she knows she will be very excited to see them. We haven’t used a leash much with her as we mainly walk her down to the water on a trail that starts in our backyard, but she is good on a leash when we are in the city, she doesn’t pull as she likes to stay close when we are walking her. She is very trustworthy when not on a leash - she will never run away or leave our yard as it’s not fenced. We have a 1 year old daughter and she is good with her but she doesn’t seem very interested in her as she will turn around and walk away if she is approached by her. She wants to chase cats so I wouldn’t recommend her in a house with cats. She does get along with other dogs as long as those dogs are not aggressive towards her. She loves playing fetch but can get ball crazy and won’t want to stop so we only play fetch with her at home when other dogs aren’t around. I think she would do best if she is in a home without any other pets as I think she is really wanting an owner to call her own so she can stop competing with her sister. She currently sleeps in our house at night but stays outside all day with 2 acres to roam freely. She is a healthy girl with tattoos in her ear and we have always fed her very well and it shows. It’s very hard to want to try to re-home such a good girl, but when she is with her sister they can act aggressive towards strangers coming to our house. She does not act like that when she is by herself. It’s constant competition with the 2 of them and even after 5 years of living with her sister I’m pretty sure they hate each other.

Location: Blewett-Nelson

Contact Name: Tanner Stuart

Contact Phone Number: 250-509-2177

Contact Email: tannerdstuart@hotmail.com