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Seeba is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 2

Sex: Female

Breed: Husky/Pit bull X ?

Size: medium

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Apr 28 2022


This is Seeba. She's a 50 lb young dog who can sleep hard and play hard. We leave her at home for ~9 hours/day whilst at work and she have never caused a single problem. We've also taken her on 20km ski days and she's still bouncing around afterwards. She loves playing tug but isn't much of a fetcher. She's great inside and will snuggle with you on the couch, watch you in the kitchen making food as close you'll allow, or mostly hangs out in her crate. She is crate trained, although we rarely close her in there.

She is reactive to dogs, and will start a fight if she can get to them. We've been working with a trainer on this, but she can't be off leash around other animals. She was a stray until 1.5 years, so she likely had little socialization, and appears interested in dogs, but unsure of how to act and takes a 'good offense is the best defense' approach. Because of this, she would be well suited to someone who doesn't spend much time with other dogs, or enjoys activities where she can always be leashed. This isn't a good fit for our lifestyle, so we've deciding to try to find her a new home.

Apart from the dog reactivity, she's a great dog and I hope she can find a better fit!

Location: Castlegar

Seeba at work next to my desk On a ski day Ski-joring

Contact Name: Krista Cook

Contact Phone Number: 4036880295

Contact Email: kristacook55@gmail.com