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Sorrento and Tori

Sorrento and Tori is still missing



Age: 14 and 12

Sex: Females and Males

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat; Tortoise shell

Size: large and medium cat

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Nov 5 2020


Sorrento (male; 14) is a very affectionate, fluffy kitty with arthritis. His main purpose in life is to cuddle all the time and be as close to the fire as he can, with some hunting of mice on the side. He is a fair-weather kitty and does not like snow and rain! I suspect if found, he would joyfully greet his rescuer, but I could be wrong and he might appear shy if spooked or injured! He is a VERY food motivated cat.

Tori (female; 12) is a more independent kitty, but she loves to demand pets regularly while she is on the ground. She does not like to be picked up, and although she will cuddle in bed with us, she does not generally jump on to laps. If found in an unfamiliar area, I suspect she will be skiddish and shy.

Location: Slocan, BC

Sorrento, my cuddle bug. Sweet Tori. Tori and Sorrento. My soul mate Sorrento

Contact Name: Cora Skaien

Contact Phone Number: 778-987-3652

Contact Email: cora.skaien@gmail.com