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Sully is still available

Private Adoption


Age: 2.5

Sex: Male

Breed: Labrador Pitbull

Size: Large

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Listed on: Apr 2 2022


Meet Sully.

Sully is a fun loving boy in search of room to run and play. We adopted Sully when he was 8 months old, and he has been (for the most part) a wonderful dog. He is very loving and loyal, and loves to be with his people. That being said, he has become a bit of an escape artist and will require a well fenced yard. Our acreage is fully fenced, but not to the standard he needs to be able to run and play without full time supervision while outside.

We have 2 cats that he tolerates and sometimes even snuggles with, but if he gets bored he might give them a chase. He doesn’t do well around chickens or deer. He loves to play with people and other dogs, but he’s a big boy (75 lbs) and sometimes forgets how big he is. Other than chasing birds and deer, we have never experienced any sort of aggression with Sully, although he will alert you if someone is at the door.

At night Sully loves to snuggle up in bed, but he is also content in his kennel. We kennel him while at work and he doesn’t seem to mind it. Our trainer said that he requires a lot of sleep/rest and kenneling him during the day is totally fine.

There is probably a lot more to know about him, and we are happy to truthfully answer any questions. Feel free to call or email.

Location: Grand Forks

Contact Name: Jon Postal

Contact Phone Number: 778-255-0984

Contact Email: Jonpostal@hotmail.com