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Teddy and Bear

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Age: approx 14/16 weeks (vet guess)

Sex: Male

Breed: dmh siamese and/or ragdoll cross

Size: small

Spayed/Neutered: No

Teddy and Bear's KAAP ID Number: 2431 and 2432

Listed on: Jan 3 2022

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These beautiful brothers were born outside to a feral mom, and brought to KAAP for socialization and a chance at a better life.  We don't know who their dad is, but by their looks and personalities we are thinking they are ragdoll and/or siamese mixes.     They have been tightly bonded from day 1, and if one goes away for too long the other will call out and cry until they find each other.   We will adopt these 2 boys together, so that bond is not broken.   They deserve that after what they've been through.

These gorgeous boys are just bundles of joy and will bring endless love, laughter, and fun   And snuggles - lots of snuggles.    They have medium hair that may need some brushing, but nothing too crazy.   Teddy has the white on his face, and Bear has a short tail. 

Tiny kids  might not be best for these boys because when they decide to snuggle, they will flop on your face to get as many kisses as possible.   They are confident kittens once they know their surroundings, but can be a bit unerved with loud noises or more "busy-ness" than they're used to, so small, constantly loud kids might not be ideal for them.

They have not shown any signs of  upper respiratory issues ( which can be common when born outside with other cats) but just to be safe, they should be adopted into a home without other cats. Dogs are fine, it's feline specific if it ever does arise.   They haven't lived with dogs before, but would likely adjust okay to a cat friendly, laid back dog.

The kittens have had 2 vet checks, as well as their first vaccination and booster shot.  They have also been dewormed.  Their adoption fees will also include their neuter and microchips in a few months when they are big/old enough. 

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Location: Nelson

Contact Name: KAAP

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