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Unkown is looking for owner



Sex: Unknown

Size: Medium

Spayed/Neutered: Unknown

Listed on: Jul 15 2020


Very friendly lovely cat found in the Passmore area. He started showing up around my mother-in-laws place about a month and half ago. Often animals wander by to say hello that live around here but this guy eventually just started staying. He was very very skinny when he arrived but we've been feeding him cat food and he seems to be doing a bit better. Posted about him in other places but so far no luck in finding his owners. He has no tags/tattoos unfortunately. Just came across this site so we thought we would post about him here too!

He is extremely cuddly and loves to curl up in our laps for head scratches etc.

Location: Passmore

Contact Name: Megan McLellan

Contact Email: megan.n.mclellan@gmail.com