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Tom Finds His Forever Home

Hello Tom followers.......just thought I'd give everyone an update on how our new family member is doing. He is eating very well and using the litter box regularly. He seems to enjoy being cozy in his new bed. He sleeps A LOT. And in the hours I have sat in his room with him, he curls up, very relaxed and even begins to snore...quite loudly.....such a cutie :)

It is a rare occasion that he hisses now and has let me change his water while he's eating. I haven't been able to pet him yet without a stern warning. He has started to 'talk' a little when we're outside his room or when I bring our cat, Nemo, in for a visit. He has on occasion gotten up and moved about while I am in the room though this is rare.

I have concerns about my boy, wondering if he's depressed or sad at not being free right now. I have spent many a night sitting with him, crying, telling him I'm trying to help and hoping I am doing the right thing for him. (I have had some negative comments about putting a free animal in a jail cell...) I just want the best , safest, most comfortable environment for him to live out the rest of his life being loved. If anyone has any advice about helping us socialize him or anything that night help, please weigh in.

Thanks... Tom's mommy ♥