Kootenay Animal Assistance


Update: Bella

Bella running in the water.

Hello there, I thought I would send you a little update on the dog I adopted almost 1 1/2 years ago. She was from the group of puppies named after candy and was known as “Skittles,” the lone girl in the group of boy pups.

She has grown into the most wonderful, gentle, loving, social dog who has snuck her way into the hearts of everyone she has met.

Her first year of life was challenging as she suffered from severe incontinence, which continued to grow worse with time. My vet tried several drug treatments, which worked for short amounts of time, and then would lose their effectiveness. While it was exhausting for me, and terrible for my electricity bill (I felt like a had a newborn in the house with all the washing I was doing), it was most awful for Bella. She would incessantly lick herself nearly raw and try to clean up her mess by attempting to lick up any leaking that happened. It was like she was embarrassed about what was happening and wanted to try to hide it. It broke my heart.

While some people may have given up in frustration with another dog, Bella wiped away any frustrations, or pulled me away from the breaking point of tears with one look. She is a truly special dog. We determined that she was not a candidate for surgery, and tried one last drug treatment – and it worked! Unfortunately, the drugs were very expensive. Luckily my vet has been able to combine the drug with another one to make it more affordable and still effective.

When I look at our lives now, compared with a few months ago, it is hard to believe how much has changed. Bella no longer pees unexpectedly and is as happy as can be. She is playful and loves any opportunity to roll around with other dogs. This is fortunate since nearly everyone in our neighborhood has dogs. Bella is certain each and every one, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Rottweiler and tallest great Dane, is her best friend.

She splits her time between chasing birds and cats in the back yard, squirrels through the forest, diving head first into mud puddles on the trails, swimming after sticks in the lake and chasing waves at the ocean. When she tires, she loves to cuddle up in front of the wood stove and suck on her stuffies. She is an adventurous dog who loves to play and be with people. I feel so very fortunate to have Bella in my life and want to thank you for rescuing her.