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Update: Tyra

Hello Daryl and Wendy!

Gosh, not a November goes by that I don't think of you both and silently extend my gratitude to you both for uniting us with Miss Tyra.

She remains to be one of the lights of our lives and I can barely believe that she is turning 4. Time really does 'fly'.

Happily, I have no medical emergencies, traumas or mishaps to tell you about, only gushing, glowing reviews of our wonder dog!

I've noticed over the last year or so that Tyra is becoming more vocal in her 'old' age; her yawns are accompanied with hilarious moaning tones and when goofing around with us on the carpet or in close proximity, she's adopted this horse-like snorting, which in it's own right, is ridiculously funny, never mind watching it come out of her cute face.

She remains to be very social with other dogs and loves to run, tussle, bulldoze, hip-check with her 180 degree butt-spin and initiate play with whom ever is up for it. Again, VERY vocal.... lots of growling and 'chatter' whilst playing hard with others. She's weighing in between 178-182lbs (consistently over the last year) so sometimes she will pummel a dog mate pretty good, with out really even trying.

Her coat (as you'll see in the photos) is continuing to have shades of brown come out, in her hind leg area and by her ears and her coat is still shiny and soft and she's just as gorgeous as can be!

I'm not sure if I mentioned last year but I'd started brushing her teeth 2 years ago and she LOVES the chicken flavoured toothpaste! She seems to actually look forward to it and is most accommodating while I'm doing the brushing (I've sent some photos of this).


Last winter Tyra and I met another one of her siblings here in Rossland! This sibling, like the other one we met in Nelson, was much smaller, with much more of a Shepperd physique and lankier than our Tyra tank. The man told me that he and his wife went to the farm in Salmo and picked 'Granite' from the line of pups on the deck and that they met the dog parents. The male was the full black lab and the mom was quite a mix, but predominantly Shepperd and Rottie, so I thought that was interesting to learn and it certainly makes sense with Tyra's build, her colouring and her demeanor.


She's still (and probably always will be) a bit of a scare-dy cat and she spooks easily. She doesn't like noises that come out of nowhere- they literally make her jump and scamper, and if she doesn't see a person coming and all of a sudden they've appeared, she lets out her ferocious sounding bark, which as you can imagine, is challenging for us to explain - SHE'S HARMLESS!


She has not taken to children and I don't think she ever will; I observe her being very nervous and cautious of herself while in their presence and she really would prefer not to have to be around them. This makes me wonder what went on during her first 6 months with the Salmo family - they had children if I recall. So, we aren't around kids that much and we keep a very close eye on her when we are.


My mom has really taken to Tyra over the last 3 years and had requested a play date with Tyra once/week this fall, which is working out very well on days that we both gone from the house. My mom has graciously sent me the photos I'm sending on to you as Ari and I have seriously fallen off the picture taking wagon as of late!


Tyra's honed her understanding of commands very well: SIT, STAY, HEAL, COME, DROP, THIS WAY, O.K., PAW, SHAKE, and her friends names, she knows hands down. She is really a pure joy to have around and makes a great impression with all the new people she meets.... er.... except for the ones that have snuck up on her. ;)


I'll close with some photos of Tyra that were taken over the last 6 months. The ones with Ari, my mom and I (where her tongue is hanging out a mile long) was when we hiked up to the Natural Arch on the W side of the Arrow Lake, close to Renata.


We are sending you light, love and laughter and as always, much gratitude for introducing us to Tyra,


Shari, Ari & Tyra