• 4 Tiny Tabby girls is still available.
    Adoption Category:
    KAAP ID#:
    2669, 2671-2673
    Date Listed:
    September 14, 2023
    born approx June 19 2023
    dsh tabbies
    Pass Creek / Castlegar
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    These 4 little girls were found outside when they wandered up onto someone’s porch in a rural area and they reached out to KAAP for help.

    Normally I’d list them individually with a specific write up for each.  These wee things though, are all SO similar in not only their looks, but their personalities.  They are precious.  Funny, playful, cuddly when they’re tired and not busy doing important kitten stuff and cute as all get out.   They will make shy for a very short time just until they know you are safe and will play with them, then it’s game on. Climbing you, flopping on your lap, chasing the laser toy or wand toy, then climbing into a comfy bed for a good nap.  They love little soft balls or fuzzy mice or anything they can bat around or carry around in their mouth to taunt each other.

    These little ones had their vet check and vaccines, and because they were a  bit sniffly from living outside, we gave them meds, and held onto them a bit longer to ensure they got their booster shot as well.   They live with a whole lot of other foster kittens, and would really do best in homes with other friendly cats (or of course, a sibling friend).  They don’t like being alone, they’ve never been alone and it would be stressful on them.

    Approved applicants would be welcome to come and meet, sit, and play with the little gang to see which kitten chooses you.

    They will have been vaccinated (twice), dewormed and of course their adoption fee also covers their spays and microchips as soon as they are big enough.