• Alba, Alice, Arthur and Angus is still available.
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    December 6, 2022
    Born mid Sept.
    dsh and dmh tabbies and black
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    Alice (pink collar) and Alba (blue collar) are twin tabby girls. They are almost identical and we had to put collars on them to tell them apart at first but once you get to know them to can see their unique features and beauty. Alice is the more petite, more “golden” coloured of the twins. She is very playful and loves to have her bum scratched. She is definitely the princess of the twins and loves to model for pictures while purring away. She likes to lick your hands and face and make sure that you look pretty too! She is a very gentle sweetheart and will amuse you for hours with her antics and then sleep them off at your side.

    Alba is the slightly larger twin with a more “silver” toned fur. She is an adventurer who loves to explore and be a part of all things. She is the sleepiest of the bunch and is the last to get up to greet you because she’s enjoying her nappies and waiting for you to rub her adorable spotted belly. Once she is up though, she loves to play and nuzzle you for attention.

    ** Adoption Pending**  Arthur (black collar) is a longer haired tabby boy with beautiful eyes. He is the most cautious of the group but warms up quickly. He absolutely loves to play and will do so for hours until he falls asleep next to you. He loves bum scratches and being brushed and running sideways in the most hilarious fashion.

    ** Adopted***  Angus is a black beauty! He has soft, longer fur and piecing amber coloured eyes. He is the first of the group to greet you with a loud purr and a tiny meow when you walk into a room. He will ask for attention if you’re not giving him enough, either with a tiny meow or by stepping on you and smothering you with kisses. He is playful and cuddly – the absolute perfect combination.

    The kittens have been vet checked, vaccinated, and dewormed. Their adoption fee of $200 also includes their spay/neuter and microchips when they are old enough ( about 5 months of age). Adopter is only responsible for their booster shot, due near the end of December.


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