• Blu needs a home ASAP is still available.
    Adoption Category:
    Other Rescues
    Date Listed:
    February 15, 2023
    5 yr
    Golden retriever mix
    Contact Name:
    Lesley Chapman
    Contact Email:

    Blu is a male retriever mix (?) about 5 years old, 50-55 lb.

    Behaviour: Blu was originally adopted from Helping Paws Okanagan and has lived happily with a fur sister and sweet human couple for about 2.5 years. Now that a baby has come, the once quiet calm household is too busy for Blu and he is often anxious and doesn’t sleep well.

    Blu is a quirky boy who loves his fur sister but would be happier in a home with older calm or no children. He is a home body and would be happiest in a quiet home with a calm fur sibling to hang with and a fenced yard. Blu prefers to relax rather than play with other dogs much. After he’s fed in morning/night he loves quiet nap time.

    He loves his crate, so needs a crate in a quiet corner of the house.

    Blu is good with other medium-large dogs (though high energy would probably make him anxious). He has some food possessiveness with other dogs – easily dealt with by feeding separately. He is fine with people around his food.

    We don’t know about cats.

    Blu is good on a leash, he doesn’t pull, and has done well hiking. He needs to be on leash or in a fenced yard as he has 0 recall. Some dogs are like that 😉

    Blu loves swimming and playing with his favourite toys.
    He doesn’t bark much, except when excited to be fed or when ready to be let inside the house. He doesn’t bark at people or animals walking past the house.
    And he’s a good boy at the vet ❤️

    Blu is very curious of all people and approaches them to be petted. He likes head pets and ear scratches but when lying down he doesn’t cuddle much. A few second belly rub then he reaches his max and gets up and runs away 😂 This is common with dogs who didn’t have much human affection as a puppy – it takes time to feel comfortable with human touch. But it does come with time – I have a dog who was the same and now he can’t get enough cuddles.

    Blu is vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed, and neutered.

    To apply: 1) complete the Adoption Application and
    2) email photos of your yard showing entire fence line, where the dog would sleep, and where it would spend most of its time to helpingpaws.okanagan@gmail.com

    ** Applications without photos emailed will not be processed. If the name in your email differs from on the application, tell us

    Approved adopters may meet Blu.

    Additional photos and videos are in Blu’s (Sparkie) original profile https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=224679572257055&set=a.142938610431152