• Cinnamon and Cayenne is still available.
    Adoption Category:
    KAAP ID#:
    2686 and 2687
    Date Listed:
    January 6, 2024
    born end of June 2023 (best guess)
    Female and Male
    dmh Tortoishell and dmh black
    Pass Creek/Castlegar
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    Adoption applications are required prior to meeting kitties because they are being fostered in our private family homes.  Applications can be found under “adopt”, part way down the page.

    Cinnamon (Tortie female) and her brother Cayenne were seemingly abandoned because they were found in a ditch in a rural area.  They were very spicey when caught, but are coming along nicely.   They will be shy with new people – who can blame them after being let down by humans at a young age-  and need patient, loving homes to allow them to learn to trust new people.  They aren’t the best choice for young kids, but older, calm kids would be okay, as long as they can respect boundaries until the kittens trust them.

    They are very sweet once they get to know and trust you, it will just take some time.  They both have the best little “chirps” when they get playing and chasing each other around.  They have this little “code” language it seems, that they call out to each other with.  If Cayenne is sleeping somewhere, Cinnamon will go around chirping until she finds him, it’s really cute and unique!  We really really don’t want to separate them, we feel it would be detrimental to them both.

    Cinnamon has the prettiest little pointy face and her brother has the most gorgeous black fur that has some subtle colors that come out when he’s in the sun.

    They are very happy to be indoors, and safe.  They must be kept inside at a new home for at least a year so they don’t get spooked and vanish.  These kitties deserve the best home ever where they will be cherished and allowed to come along at their own pace.  They LOVE crinkly tunnels and climbing posts and snoozing by the woodstove or in a sunny window.

    They have been vet checked, vaccinated,(including booster shots), dewormed, spayed/neutered and microchipped.  They are good to go!

    Foster mom is diligently trying to get more pics but they are far too busy to sit still for that sillyness LOL