• Exotic Shorthair (flat faced cat) Daphne to Rehome is still available.
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    Private Adoption
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    August 23, 2023
    Exotic shorthair
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    We are looking to rehome our sweet kitty as we are travelling quite a bit and just dont have the time for her unfortunately. She is a purebred exotic shorthair cat and about 6 years old. She gets very stressed in a kennel environment or if she is left alone for a long time so we would like to find a family to enjoy her who is home more. We joke that shes a princess, she likes her litter to be kept really clean and wont eat off of paper plates when traveling. She is very sweet and calm to the point that she doesnt even defend herself when being pestered by a dog. She’s very good with kids and relaxed when getting picked up, she really doesnt scratch ever. Shes the kind of cat you can pick up and hold like a baby and she doesn’t squirm or anything. When we got her fixed the vet told us she had both male and female parts inside of her, which is super rare, but worth mentioning because she seems to pee to mark sometimes if another animal is around. She recently had full blood work and all was well. When she got fixed there was a rare comolication with the ketamine and she seems to be deaf now, maybe not fully though but she sure doesnt hear a can of food crack open anymore. She does need her face cleaned regularly just because of how flat it is. We have some steroid cream we can give you that calms her face if it does get inflamed but keeping it clean is the best way to avoid this. Please send me some info about yourself and situation as we want to find a good fit for her!