• Faith and Florie is still available.
    Adoption Category:
    KAAP ID#:
    2638 and 2640
    Date Listed:
    October 17, 2023
    born approximately May 1 2023 (best guess)
    dmh tabbies
    Contact Name:
    KAAP (Laurel)
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    Every day these girls show their loving side more and more and they are SO ready to be given a chance by some loving (and lucky) folks to help them to continue to blossom.

    Faith (lighter grey and white) and Florie were rescued from a large colony of feral cats that we have been helping for several months.  These kittens will be shy for some time, but have come along really nicely in their foster home.  They would do best in a quieter, patient environment where they can have safe space to get used to new surroundings. They have not met dogs, and would likely be too jumpy and not much fun for young kids. They are very, very bonded and must be adopted together.  We would consider a reduced adoption fee to the right home for these lovely sisters to grow together in. They are both vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and dewormed.  All they need is an awesome family!

    Florie:  Likes: Food, playing, big puffy beds to kneed in, squeeze up treats, and my sister Faith

    Dislikes: I’m not too fond of being handled or hugged a lot but I have come SUCH a long ways in seeking out human attention and letting my foster parents know that I really want to be trusting and loving and I’m getting there.

    Talents: putting my ears so flat that you can balance a teacup on my head ( LOL).

    Hobbies: pretending I’m scared of humans, even though I sit close to them

    Role model: Grumpy cat Florie will happily play, but sometimes she will get spooked, then she will hide. She is accepting of pets, when she is laying comfortably in her spot. She will “grudgingly” accept cuddles, she will loook grumpy but her look softens once the cuddles is done. The way to this girls heart is through play with wand toys and squeeze ups, she will eat it out of humans hands. She really loves her sister too.

    Faith:  Likes: cuddling, toys, food, humans, my sister Florie, being put on laps and squeeze ups

    Dislikes: not having a furry friend.

    Talents: being a cuddle bug

    Faith has come so far in her acceptance of humans, often when you’re sitting she will come for pets, she is still working up the courage to climb on your lap, but if you put her on it she will happily stay. When she wants love she will lean or rub against you. Like Florie, she loves to play and have squeeze up treats.