• Fluffy, beautiful 6 yr old cat is still available.
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    Private Adoption
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    November 12, 2023
    6 years
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    We are having to find a new home for our sweet cat, Fluffy (Sir Fluffy Bum Puddytat the First).
    We love this guy so much, but with our allergies we can no longer have him in our house, and while he enjoys being outside and is a good hunter, he really just wants to be curled up in someone’s lap, cuddling.

    We’re looking for a home that will love him and cuddle him before it gets too cold outside.

    He is 6 years old. He’s very sweet, loves to cuddle, likes to nestle his nose into the crook of my arm. He is also quite perky and loves to hunt mice. He is neutered.

    He has some IBS and doesn’t like to use a litter box, so he is best with being indoor/outdoor, as he will do his business outside. He stands by the door and sometimes meows quietly when he wants to go out. He also meows when he wants to come in.

    We’ve had him on some meds for deworming and for the IBS over the years (with Cottonwood Falls Animal Clinic), and he’s pretty good at taking them. He doesn’t love them, but won’t scratch you when you’re giving them to him. The food he seems to do best on is the Acana Bountiful Catch (from the Nelson Farm Supply).

    Please let us know if you are interested.

    Thank you!