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    Adoption Category:
    Private Adoption
    Date Listed:
    June 3, 2024
    4 years
    Female and Male
    Nelson, BC
    Contact Name:
    Ezekiel Morrow
    Contact Email:
    Contact Number:

    Two loving and extremely well-behaved ferrets are looking for a retirement home. This is Rascal and Peachfuzz. These two are 4 and a half years old and have lived together all their lives. They are a bonded, non-negotiable package deal. They’ve only ever lived with each other so I don’t know how they would do with being introduced to new ferrets, but they’re very friendly with our cats (supervised short visits with the cats only, never left alone together).

    Both have insulinoma, but are doing incredibly well with twice daily Prednisone ‘soup’ mixed with 100% salmon oil and a bit of softened kibble. Recent vet records can be provided upon request for those interested in how to care for them and where their health stands before adoption. They do not destroy toys by biting or chewing, are well behaved for nail trims with just a dab of salmon oil on their tummies, are trusted to have soft blankets 24/7, play well with stuffed toys (under supervision just in case, however no stuffing eating incidents have ever occurred!), and love to cuddle. Especially Rascal, he asks for ups routinely throughout the day. They both like to wander supervised around the house to investigate furniture and floors, LOVE playing in ball pits and rice bins, and won’t ‘go’ outside their litter box so long as it is cleaned every day. They have always been kept in their ferret-safe playpen to play all day and put in their cage to sleep at night with opportunities to wander around the house ONLY while followed closely, so I don’t know how free-roaming around a house would go.

    Neither of them bite, even while being poked at the vet! Peachfuzz will bite socked feet, but not bare feet. She just likes to steal socks while playing.

    It really does hurt to have to let them go, but their current owner has pre-existing allergies that have developed to severe levels and is moving to a new home where there are STRICT no exotic animal rules. After nearly half a decade, we have to find them a new wonderful home where these two can be loved, played with, and cared for properly.

    Preference will be given to those with prior experience caring for ferrets, especially senior ferrets. These two are spayed and neutered PET STORE ferrets with the Marshall’s tattoos on their ears. So, the life expectancy is anywhere from a few more months to 3 more years with the insulinoma being treated properly.

    These two come with the full works: Two food bowls, two water dishes, a hutch-style cage, 2 hammocks, a large litter box, adjustable playpen walls, a bunch of blankets, a bag of food to start, a large bottle of salmon oil, the first Prednisone Rx fill with dosage instructions, a bag of wood pellet litter, small garbage pail, a scoop for litter, and a bunch of toys and ballpit balls. NO FEE OR PRICE! Just want them happy.

    Email, text, or call to enquire. Must meet with the owner and ferrets first before adoption is agreed upon and finalized.