• Harvey the Golden is still available.
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    Private Adoption
    Date Listed:
    September 13, 2023
    Two Years
    Golden Retriever cross
    Trail, BC
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    We recently rescued this incredible love-bug from a not-so-great situation. We are simply his stepping stone towards a better life.

    At 2 years old, this sweet handsome boy was only trained with a beep/shock collar and knew no basic obedience. He came from a home where he was unintentionally controlled through fear-based training. From a home where yelling was common, and his people didn’t understand dogs.

    In the almost 3 weeks that we have had him, he has come into his own. The first thing we did was throw away the collar and gave him a new name, so that he didn’t associate us with his past. The first three days were rough, but we’ve spent our days showing him nothing but love, while building his confidence through enrichment puzzles, walks, and socialization (in our home and others).

    We were told that he didn’t like people coming over, and would tuck his tail between his legs and pee. Since we have had him, he peed twice and only within the first two days of him being in our care. He has met lots of people and dogs and after observing them for a while, will eventually go in for pets.

    This happy boy was raised in an apartment in the big city, but his previous owners have been taking him to an off-leash dog park since he was a puppy. Harvey adores other dogs! We have noticed that he can play a tad on the rough side when overstimulated or on full energy.

    – Is crate trained. (He loves his crate when we are away from home and for daytime naps but sleeps on his bed on the floor beside us at night)
    – Loves couch cuddles
    – Is super gentle taking treats from your hand
    – Loves his chew toys, licky-matt, sticks (he LOVES chewing)
    – Is walking so well on leash now with his new harness!! (He’s never been walked before, just ran at the dog park)
    – Spins his tail in a full circle like a propeller when he is happy!
    – Sleeps on his back when super content
    – Can get barky when overstimulated, and appreciates being ignored with no eye contact while he settles
    – Sheds lightly
    – Chews his own nails
    – Has the brightest whitest teeth and cleanest ears
    – Loves water from the garden hose!
    – Sits and watches people and dogs go by without barking
    – When meeting new people, prefers to be ignored completely with little to know eye contact. He soon comes in for pets.
    – Is in his happy place outside
    – Needs a good 2 walks per day to stay out of trouble
    – Would do best in a home without small children until his fears have been reduced
    – Would love to be in a home with another dog, preferably one who will talk back
    – Would also do great in a home with a couple or single person who can continue to socialize him.
    – Is most likely a golden retriever/shepherd cross, heavy on the golden side
    – Is neutered, and up to date on shots. He also has a microchip, but it is still registered with the Rescue agency he originally came from in Calgary. We do have a copy of his records from them!
    – His birthday is (based on vet records) March 22. (He’s an Aries!)
    – Weighs a solid 75 pounds
    – Loves treats! (Including puppacinos from time to time!)
    – Travels beautifully in the car!
    – Loves being treated when he makes good decisions.

    Why we aren’t keeping him?
    We know we are simply his ‘foster’ and timing isn’t right on our end for a permanent dog. We have three small trips planned before the New Year alone and don’t have dog care. And, our beloved cat is not happy with Harvey’s presence, and rarely comes home now. (Harvey has met other cats and is curious of them, but will chase if they run).
    We have fallen madly in love with this guy and would LOVE to dog sit Harvey ANYTIME you need. (No judgment from us if you want to change his name. But…before you do, watch the old Jimmy Stuart film called Harvey! It’s a gem. Just like this fella!).
    If you feel he may be the right boy for you, take him for a trial run! We will happily take him back if he is not the right fit for you!!

    We have spoiled this guy like he is our grandson! He came with nothing but his crate, and now is also the happy owner of lots of new toys/a dog bed/harness/biothane collar/rcpets leash etc. that we will send him on his way with, so apart from refilling his food/treat supply, you don’t need to buy a thing!