• Luna is still available.
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    August 10, 2023
    approximately 13 months
    dsh Siamese Cross
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    Luna is back up for adoption – we have learned that she can NOT live with dogs.  She does not love other cats (or kittens) either.  She’d be perfectly happy to be an only cat.  She does LOVE the teenage human boy in her foster home.   A home with young kids would not be the best choice for her, as she can be a bit feisty.

    Luna came to KAAP when she was about 8 months old and very pregnant.   She gave birth to 7 healthy kittens in April and was an amazing mom.  Now she’s all done with that – she is spayed, vaccinated and dewormed, and ready for a new, loving family.

    Now that her kittens have been adopted, she is back to being her normal kitten self! She runs around, stopping to give love bites then racing away. If you’re  playing cards, have no fear she will lay on top of then to keep them warm.  She loves to cuddle with her people, purring non stop. When she lays with you she will often “clean you” by licking you, and she also loves to lick chip dust off your fingers.  Such a helpful girl she is.   Luna loves her nose rubbed. She doesn’t enjoy being carried around. One of her most endearing qualities is sleeping with her paw over her eyes, it’s so cute.

    Luna is so very playful.   Being part Siamese, she’s quite a chatty girl too, she’ll talk away to the birds in the window and let you know when it’s dinner time.    She loves her time in her catio.  Once she’s had lots of time to settle in to her new home, she would enjoy some outside time.

    Luna’s siamese traits do shine through – she is very talkative, can be a little moody (mostly when she’s hungry – she will tell you so!). She will also sometimes hiss if she’s objecting to being carried from one place to another and doesn’t want to be.  No aggression or anything, it’s just her little stubborn streak shining through.   People experienced with the siamese breed would be best for her

    **Luna will have her vaccines updated prior to going to a new home.  **